The Logistics Solution Provider in Ahmedabad


About Us

Are you looking for a truck, trailer or ODC service provider in Ahmedabad??

Are you searching for a complete logistics support provider in Ahmedabad??

Do you need contract based manpower to support your your business??

No Need to Worry. You are on right page.

At A5Logistics you will find solutions for all your problems. A5Logistics have an experienced team of professionals to provide you solution for all kind of transportation needs.

We are providing multi axel trailers based on your requirement. We have a range of cranes from 5 MT to 100 MT capacity. We are also providing complete warehouse support by providing skilled and semi skilled manpower as well as small vehicles for transportation.


A5Logistics aims to connect customers with service providers for transportation of goods by road. With E-Commerce being the need of the hour, we wanted to extend our expertise to enable a simple, hassle free, efficient, economical, and transparent transportation platform.

Our Mission

Use technology to integrate supply chain, build a cohesive market place, discover efficiencies, and create value for all stakeholders.